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Polyacryl Iran Corporation


Polyacryl Iran Corporation was established under # 19413 in Tehran on August 15th 1974 as a joint venture between the Private Sector and a number of Iranian professional banks and E. I. DuPont De Nemours and the factory became operational in 1978. In 1983, the headquarters of the company were relocated to Esfahan where the factory is located and was registered under # 4500 with the Esfahan Companies Registry on May 5th 1984.

PIPC’s nominal and actual annual operating capacities come to 118,000 and 121,500 metric tons respectively. The products include a variety of polyester yarn and fiber, acrylic fiber used for carpet and blanket manufacture and polyester tops outlined below:


  1. Polyester Plant
  2. Polyester Yarn

Polyester yarn produced in Polyester Plant with an actual annual operating capacity of 21,000 metric tons comprises undrawn yarn in a variety of dtexes used in textile industries. The current production of the plant consists of transparent and translucent products which thanks to the operation of the ongoing expansion projects not only increases the final operating capacity but also makes it possible to manufacture colored products.


* Poly Cool Yarn

This product is manufactured at Polyester Plant and because of its favorable physical properties and rapid moisture dissipation is used in sports and other kinds of wear where bodily perspiration and cooling are the primary concern. It can be produced in a variety of decitexes depending on the customer’s needs.


  1. Polyester Fiber

Polyester fiber produced in various deniers and introduced as a good alternative for cotton in textile industries is manufactured at Polyester Plant with an actual annual operating capacity of 36,000 metric tons. Produced in 1.4-6.33 dtexes and to various cut lengths, the fiber is used in the production of a variety of fabrics. Also, production of Anti Pill for tops operations subsequently made available to manufacturers of worsted fabrics comprises part of the products produced at this plant.


  1. Acrylic Plant I
  2. Dry-Spun Carpet Acrylic Fiber

Fiber produced at Acrylic Plant I using dry spinning with an actual annual operating capacity of 25400 metric tons under E. I. Du Pont De Nemour’s license is similar to Bayer’s Dralon fiber except that it possesses improved dyability. Owning to their exquisite overall, physical and mechanical properties referred to in detail in the section titled “Introduction of Company Products”, our products are manufactured with varied precision (ranging from micro-deniers to even higher) and of the finest fiber used in textile industries, particularly for carpet industries.


  1. Blanket Acrylic Fiber

This product, too, is produced in Acrylic Plant I and possesses very good processibility in affiliated industries.


  1. Poly Best Fiber

Improved this product is manufactured at Acrylic Plant I. Because of its good physical and chemical properties it can replace asbestos, an environmental hazard and carcinogen forbidden to use, in various cement sheets.


  1. Industrial Acrylic Fiber

With its structurally-improved polymer, this product is manufactured at Acrylic Plant I. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it possesses controlled heat-treatment qualities and is used in non-textile industries. Furthermore, the product can be supplied on a customized basis.


  1. Tops Plant

With an actual annul operating capacity of 3500 metric tons of combed Polyester Anti Pill Tops, Polyester Tops Plant equipped with a conversion technology has its products generally used in worsted wool industries for mixing with fine wool.


  1. GF Plant

PET Granules Reinforced with Fiber Glass (PET-GF)

PET Granules reinforced with fiber glass with an annual operating capacity of 1500 metric tons is used for manufacture of various industrial parts. The product can be manufactured with a variety of properties including refractoriness and high shock absorption.


  1. Zayandeh Rood Fiber Company

With an annual actual operating capacity of 37,000 metric tons Zayandeh Rood Fiber Company produces acrylic products using Wet Spinning, the state-of-the-art technology in the world:


  1. Acrylic Fiber 1-16 Deniers (Staple): This fiber is of carpet, blanket and clothing grade and produced on a customized basis where required.


  1. Acrylic Tow 1-8 Deniers: Tow products are manufactured for use in carpet and blanket textile industries.



  1. Special-Purpose Fiber and Tow: These fibers include antimicrobial, super-white, asbestos alternative replacement, colored and acrylic products, textile and industrial.

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