Saturday , 23 March 2019

thermal insulation

Rockwool Pipe Sections

Rockwool Insulation – Pipe Sections     In pre-formed pipe sectional rockwool insulation products, rockwool fibers are mixed with special resin and tempered in die, forming pipe sectional insulations. Pipe section insulation products are available in a wide range of thickness, density and size. Pipe section insulation products are most suitable for insulating pipes, p to 16 inches size. Different ... Read More »

Rockwool Mattress

     Rockwool Mattress Rockwool mattress insulation products have a structure normally similar to rockwool blanket insulations with less density. Smaller density results in lower prices at the cost of lower working temperature. Mattress rockwool insulation products are mostly applicable with great pricing for tanks and reservoirs, pipes and pipelines, slopped surfaces and attics. This product is available in simple ... Read More »

Rock Wool Loose

Rock Wool Loose Fill Insulation     The major difference of loose rockwool with other rockwool and slagwool insulation products is its specific form and state. Loose rockwool is made of loose fibers without any additive or resins which are generally obtained from disposal or waste materials of other rockwool products or through manufacturing process. Loose fill rockwool fibers are ... Read More »

Rockwool Blanket

  Blanket rockwool insulation products are presented in rolls with high densities (up to 130kg/m3). The major application of blanket insulations is in industrial section and in high temperature applications. Since blanket rockwool products do not have resin and binders and have high density, they are practically applicable for high temperature processes. Blanket rockwool products are available with wire meshes ... Read More »


ROCKWOOL PANEL Rockwool and slagwool insulation panels are made of rockwool or slagwool fibers, tempered with special resin. Rockwool insulation panels are available in different sizes and densities, according to ASTM C612 standard. Due to rigidity, installation of such panels is very easy and quick.   Wall Panel   Wall panels are produced in semi-rigid shapes with medium densities and ... Read More »