Sunday , 31 May 2020

Lifetime durability of stone wool solutions

Lifetime durability of stone wool solution

One of the most lifetime durability  of stone wool solution interesting debates at the moment, is how to address the Durability of building Materials and Components. Durability is defined as “the ability of a product to maintain its required performance over time, under the influence of foreseeable conditions.”

But why has durability now become so important for the buildings of the future? It is now commonly acknowledged that the sustainability of building is a function of their durability. Durable materials mean more sustainable solution: the environmental and social cost for producing a product should in fact always be considered over the product’s lifetime.

Building made of durable components require less technical supervision and therefore have to be considered more sustainable, due to saving in energy and materials used for eventual maintenance and repair.

In fact,lifetime maintenance and management costs of buildings are around 5 times greater than the costs of construction. Therefore choosing durable products are the smart economic and environmental choice.

Lifetime durability of stone wool solution

A durable product is a stable product which means that, if correctly installed, users can rely on ROCKWOOL products for consistent performance.

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