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Rockwool Pipe Sections

Rockwool Insulation – Pipe Sections


rocklap hv pipe section


In pre-formed pipe sectional rockwool insulation products, rockwool fibers are mixed with special resin and tempered in die, forming pipe sectional insulations. Pipe section insulation products are available in a wide range of thickness, density and size.

Pipe section insulation products are most suitable for insulating pipes, p to 16 inches size. Different densities and thicknesses allow a wide range of applications. Cutting and installation of pipe sectional insulation products are very easy and the pricing is really appropriate.

Pipe section insulation products are available in simple format and with craft paper or aluminum foil jacketing. If the insulation is to be installed in open doors, the implementation of moisture barriers and radiant foils is compulsory, to avoid moisture penetration and minimize the radiation lost.

Arman Ayegh Espadana, not only provide various pipe sectional insulation products with various thickness, density and size, but also procure insulation and installation accessories, including metallic band, fasteners, studs, foils, craft papers, etc.


Dimensional Properties of Pipe Section Insulations

Thickness: from 20 to 100 millimeters

Density: from 80 to 140 kg/m3

Size: from ½ inches, up to 16 inches, with half or quarter inch increment


Rockwool Pipe Section Insulation Properties

* Excellent thermal and acoustic properties

* Robust against severe vibrations

* Free of asbestos, chloride, CFC and HCFC and other chemical hazardous compounds

* Easy and fast cutting and installation

* Very good pricing

* Easy handling and storage

* Very good stability so which thermal and mechanical properties are not reduced in long time runs

* In-flammable


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Application of Rockwool Pipe Sectional Insulation

The main application of rockwool pipe section insulation products is insulating pipes and process tubes. In some lines in which heavy duty compressors have been installed, rockwool pipe section insulations can be implemented as acoustic insulations so which the noise of the compressor is reduced dramatically.




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