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study on performance differences between rock wool and mineral wool

rockwool.minralwool Comprehensive

Basalt rock wool and slag wool are collectively referred to mineral wool, there are still some differences can’t be ignored. The main cause of these differences is the different raw material. Comprehensive comparisonbetween CCEWOOL basalt rock wool and slag wool board. Application: rock wool: pipe insulation, building interior wall thermal insulation , building exterior wall thermal insulation . slag wool: ... Read More »

industrial use of stonewool


Pipework Piping plays a central role in many industrial processes in chemical or petrochemical installations such as power plants, as it connects core components such as appliances, columns, vessels, boilers, turbines etc. with one another and facilitates the flow of materials and energy. The importance of insulation The basic efficiency and productivity factors of piping for the processing industry include ... Read More »


Vermiculite. (Strong Lite Products Corp.)

Vermiculite is a mineral closely related to mica, primarily mined in Montana and South Carolina. Consisting of silica, magnesium dioxide, aluminum oxides, and other minerals, vermiculite expands when heated to form a lightweight material with insulating properties. There are two types of vermiculite: untreated and treated. The treated material is coated with asphalt to make it water-repellent for use in ... Read More »