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Lifetime durability of stone wool solutions

Lifetime durability of stone wool solution One of the most lifetime durability  of stone wool solution interesting debates at the moment, is how to address the Durability of building Materials and Components. Durability is defined as “the ability of a product to maintain its required performance over time, under the influence of foreseeable conditions.” But why has durability now become ... Read More »

study on performance differences between rock wool and mineral wool

rockwool.minralwool Comprehensive

Basalt rock wool and slag wool are collectively referred to mineral wool, there are still some differences can’t be ignored. The main cause of these differences is the different raw material. Comprehensive comparisonbetween CCEWOOL basalt rock wool and slag wool board. Application: rock wool: pipe insulation, building interior wall thermal insulation , building exterior wall thermal insulation . slag wool: ... Read More »

Types of Insulation

When insulating your home, you can choose from many types of insulation. To choose the best type of insulation, you should first determine the following: Where you want or need to install/add insulation The recommended R-values for areas you want to insulate. Installing Insulation The maximum thermal performance or R-value of insulation is very dependent on proper installation. Homeowners can ... Read More »


Suivi Construction Ministere de la Defense. Balard. Opale Defense. 27 Aout 2014. Paris 75015.

New headquarters of the Paris Ministry of Defence, Balard, utilises ROCKWOOL insulation for its fire-safe properties. The Project, nicknamed ‘Balardgone’ in reference to the United States Pentagon, was devised in 2007, and with the finished building space set to provide the working environment for over 9,000 people the fire-protective properties of ROCKWOOL Insulation improve safety on-site. The site will become ... Read More »

Fire in numbers


Fire safety is all about risk. The probability of a serious fire in any building may be low, but the potential consequences are enormous. ROCKWOOL insulation products are often used as a dedicated fire protection to parts of building structure and industrial equipment. Unwanted fires may have multiple consequences, damage to human life and health, property damage, business interruption, and ... Read More »

Mineral Wool


  The term mineral wool historically refers to two materials: rock wool and slag wool. (Fiberglass is also included in some references to mineral wool.) Rock and slag wool fall within a group of materials historically referred to as man-made mineral fibers (MMMFs) or synthetic vitreous fibers (SVFs); however, a more appropriate name is man-made vitreous fibers (MMVFs), reflecting the ... Read More »

acoustic insulation with suspended ceilings

background sound

Since the 1950s, drop ceilings have been the preferred method for concealing HVAC vents, electrical wires, plumbing pipes, phone cables, and security lines in interior commercial buildings. These suspended, interconnected ceiling systems consist of a metal grid comprising cross-tees and main runners. The main runners are suspended by hanger wires from the structure above, and wall channels or angles provide ... Read More »